Do I get a calendar appointment too?
No, getting access to everyone's calendars would be complicated. You need to set up the meeting with your fika parner on your own.
How do I exit a fika group?
In the footer of each invitaiton email you will find the unsubscribe link and the contact details for the group administrator.
We don't get new invitations any longer?
Great! Your group may have exhausted all possible combinations. Add more people to the group to receive more invitations.
How often do people recieve a fika invitation?
About once per week (to be able to fit it into their schedule).
Can I limit who joins my fika group?
When creating a group you an enter one or more domains to restrict what email addresses can join.
How do I manage holidays when everyone is away from work?
You can pause the group at any time. No matching or invitations will take place until you activate the group again.
Do group members need to sign up with an account?
No, only the group administrator needs an account. Members just enter their name and email address.
Where is the data stored?
Fikatombola is hosted by the french company Scaleway at a European datacenter.

Need more information? Contact us at hej@fikatombola.se.