Personer som fikar i ett videosamtal

Create a virtual fika group for friends and colleagues

Do you miss bumping into people by chance at work and elsewhere? Introduce some randomness and create a virtual fika* group. Participants are matched randomly for an online fika.

* Basically, fika just means to have a coffee and is a cultural tradition in Sweden.

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Create an account and set up a fika group. You can limit participants to your organization's email domain.


Your group has an invitation page where friends and colleagues can sign up. Share it on your intranet or go wild and publish it openly. Participants submit their name and email address to be part of the group.


Participants will be matched randomly and receive an email with instructions to book a fika meeting.

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Remote work seems to be favoured by a lot of people. But a side effect is that you rarely bump into people by the coffee machine at work. Maybe we need unexpected encounters to build better social networks?

With Fikatombola you help friends and colleagues meet people by chance.